Custom Application Development Services

Technobrix’s application development services help organizations achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

We understand how important it is for organizations to have smooth-functioning apps that work with their employees to deliver high-performance results.

Our suite of web applications offers solutions for field reporting, survey analyses, dashboard application needs, market research and mobile field software. The applications we build are customizable, scalable and highly extensible.

Our Web Application Services

Our web application services are designed to fulfil every need through your product’s life cycle, from requirement analysis to application design and implementation, testing and system integration, we work with you to ensure the perfect solution for you.

Our Services Include

Field Reporting Tools

  • Streamline operations
  • increase productivity

Survey Analysis Tools

  • Analyze multiple surveys across different parameters

Dashboard Applications

  • Real time monitoring
  • single click access to personal
  • corporate and team information
  • full deployment and support

Market Research Tools

  • Analyze the latest market trends
  • Identify new opportunities for growth

Mobile Field Software

  • Deliver better value to customers
  • Standardize operations on multiple platforms
  • Reduce field service costs
  • Increase executive productivity

Our Projects

Web applications

Training modules

Field management applications

DIY design tool