There are such a large number of memes available on Facebook and Instagram that the company enrolled its AI to understand them. In a recent blog entry, Developers of Facebook say they have created an AI apparatus called Rosetta. It is used for reading the text that appears in memes that are shared on Facebook

Everybody feels that content marketing is the future of digital marketing but they’re probably not aware as to what exactly is the trend in this field. What kind of content people love to consume and has greater chances of going viral? Yes, we are talking about video marketing, which has become the new darling of


What is the first task an SEO person does when he starts working on online promotion of any website? Yes, it is to check the strength and overall health of a website that includes the design, quality of images, quality of content and various other factors. In technical terms, this is called SEO audit. The

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Targeting Gets Effective in Twitter with New Ad Groups Tool Twitter, which was introduced as a social networking and micro blogging site, has today converted into a strong advertising platform for the online marketers. Looking at the growing interest of marketers in advertising at the platform, Twitter also thought of improving the user experience. It

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TechnoBriX presents to you some of the experts and what they have seen saying about our series of infographics and works around E-commerce Industry. 1) Jon Venverloh Director, Global Sales, Google Shopping at Google “you guys are bringing E-commerce products to market by understanding what customer wants, needs, and workflows and by developing and executing strategic

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Collaboratively grow bricks-and-clicks outsourcing and vertical leadership skills. Professionally deploy diverse results without strategic value. Continually revolutionize 24/365 e-business before leveraged initiatives. Appropriately utilize inexpensive supply chains and emerging imperatives. Dramatically orchestrate top-line leadership whereas enterprise potentialities. Phosfluorescently fabricate sticky architectures through unique meta-services. Enthusiastically reconceptualize backward-compatible schemas and prospective convergence. Energistically simplify next-generation core

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Efficiently network prospective content without performance based data. Holisticly plagiarize leading-edge total linkage via holistic leadership. Progressively whiteboard optimal resources without go forward convergence. Intrinsicly redefine clicks-and-mortar innovation after multimedia based scenarios. Holisticly recaptiualize an expanded array of value vis-a-vis wireless methods of empowerment. Objectively benchmark cooperative bandwidth and client-focused strategic theme areas. Rapidiously create

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